The End

I’m not sure why it has taken me so long to write this post. I think it might have something to do with the fact that it has taken me this long to be ready to accept that its over (cries). I know i had a serious case of post holiday depression!

Luckily, I do have one more short story to share before i finish up, because of course in Alicia and Mikaela style flying home wasn’t smooth sailing. That’s right dumb and dumber strike again.

We managed to get to the airport stress free. This was after a very long trek from Echigo Yuzawa but we made it. I went straight to the airport and waited for Mik while she went and said goodbye to her dad and the rest of her Narita family. Eventually it was time to check in so off i went to see a massive jetstar line full of school children! Just my luck! I was not looking to travelling home on a night flight with all of these children and  i didn’t want to wait in this ridiculous line but then i remembered mum and dad had spoiled me and i was business. I skipped up to the business line and skipped the entire economy queue… only to be told my bag was too heavy. Yep – i was forced to open my bag on the floor of airport, i managed to load a couple of things into Mikaela’s handbag and filled my carry on. I went back and all was good, i was well under my 30kg limit.

So we had made it. We were both checked in and ready to get home but we were on different flights. I said bye to Mik as she boarded for qantas and i went and waited for my jetstar flight. I boarded first (making use of my business class ticket again) and got comfortable. i was greeted with complimentary champagne, in a real glass (how nice), as we waited for take off. It was not long before we were up in the air and i was making small talk with the man next to me, who funnily enough was a historian who  knew all my teachers from Wollongong and had spent his time in Japan at a conference and the same University i studied at. Such a small world! Anyway, our conversation was interrupted by some warnings about turbulence. These are pretty standard warnings so i left my seatbelt on and waited, seconds later we were being thrown around the plane, i lost my stomach several times… it was rough. The most surprising thing however, was that i was now wet, covered in something sticky. I blinked a couple of times and licked my lips only to realise i had been sprayed with red wine. I looked around and the white walls were dripping red, my tv was dripping and my lovely white pillow was red. There was glass smashed in the aisle. It looked  like a murder scene

After about ten minutes the seatbelt lite finally turned off and the flight attendants were straight over to clean everything up. I got cleaned up and settled in to watch a movie. Except the movie wasn’t working. The whole entertainment system wasn’t working in fact. The flight attendants apologised and advised they were rebooting. At this point i gave up and went to sleep. The flight was over before i knew it.

I jumped off the plane and grabbed my bag. So happy to be off the plane and find mum and moni waiting at the airport for me.

My exchange experience was once in a lifetime and I am so grateful for everything that i experienced while i was away. Thank you to everyone who followed me on this journey by keeping up to date on my blog. Really means a lot to me!!

A lot has changed since i arrived back home. I have finished my degree and got a full time job. I have worked hard for the past year and thats for one reason. I still have the travel bug. I logged back into my wordpress account today for the first time since i arrived home and found the post above saved in my drafts. Its time it gets posted as i leave for my next adventure to the USA today. I am starting a new blog today so watch out for some more crazy adventures from leeshawood during her times overseas.

Much love,

Alicia. xx